Some Necessary Tips for DIY Safety from Powertoolspros

Many people want to save some money by doing various DIY (Do It Yourself) home projects. But, these DIY projects is one of the biggest causes of people going to hospitals. Everyone should be cautious while performing these tasks. Here, I will share with you DIY safety tips provided by Powertoolspros and other sources.

DIY Safety Tips from Powertoolspros

Here are a few basic DIY safety tips. These tips are provided by Powertoolspros ( and other sources.

Have a First Aid Kit Handy

Everyone should have a first aid kit at home. It should be well equipped and within reach. It should contain larger gauze pads and compresses. These will be necessary in case of bleeding and larger lacerations. The first aid kit should also have antibiotic ointments, band aids, an eye wash solution, etc.

Wear Proper Attire

Be practical about your attire. Avoid jewelry, watch, or clothing with long, loose sleeves. Because, these can potentially get caught in equipment. You can also wear non-slip shoes and items with reinforcement.

Wear steel toe boots when working with heavy items. You should also use safety glasses at all times.

Use Power Tools Safely

You must not leave a power tool unattended when it is active. You should unplug all power tolls and keep them out of the reach of children before leaving the area. Additionally, check the tool and the connection before switching it on.

You should also take proper care of your tools. Never carry them by the cords disconnect them holding the cords. Always hold the plug when disconnecting the tools.

Read the Instructions

You may be very familiar wit the tool you are going to use. Still, you should read the instructions or watch tutorials about the project you are going to start. Most tools come with manuals. Make yourself familiar with the information there, if you have not used it before.

Use the 4:1 Rule

Most ladder accidents happen because of improper ladder placement. You should use the 4:1 rule. For every 4 feet of ladder height, the ladder should be 1 foot away from the object it is leaning against.

You should also make sure that the feet of the ladder are firmly on the ground. Additionally, the surface should not be slippery. Make someone hold the bottom of the ladder sturdy, if possible. Never use aluminum ladders for electrical projects.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

You must be aware of surroundings, especially when working with others. This can help you prevent any unforeseen accidents. Be aware of who enters your work area. In addition, keep children and pets out of the work site.

Keep your Workspace Clean

Place power tools, sharp tools, or dangerous materials on high shelves, or in a locked storage. Your workspace should be well-lit.

You should remember these tips from Powertoolspros for your own safety.

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